Flex Belt Ab Belt Results

Flex Belt Ab Belt Results

Aug 14
Flex Belt Ab Belt Results

What Is The Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt is the latest, high-end fitness ab toning belt, that is manufactured by BMR. The same people who also produce the wildly popular Slendertone. The Flex Belt is actually their top product, although it is actually made for another company: Flex belt.

To get to the point, this ab belt is an electronic system that is said to help you build a stronger, more toned, midsection without the need for sit-ups (which are never recommended these days), crunches or any of the basic common ab toning exercises. The claim is that you can practically eliminate the need for those types of exercises altogether.

Flex Belt - Ab belt

How Does It Work?

It works, thanks to a technology that has been around for years, but until recently it has been limited to medical use. This technology called: Electronic Muscle Stimulation, or EMS for short, sends electronic signals to muscles to force them to contract. The medical uses of this technology range from improving motor skills to helping someone overcome an injury. Many athletes have gone under EMS treatment at one time or another.

The Flex Belt uses this medical grade technology to send electric impulse like signals to your abs to make them contract. The variable adjustments of the belt allow you to tailor the exercise-free workouts to satisfy your level of tolerance. It is reported that the simulated exercises do indeed help tone the midsection.

Is It Good For Me?

We think this is a bit of a “yes” and “no” answer to be honest. The Flex Belt is the only FDA cleared ab belt on the market. This helps users by providing them some assurance that the device is safe to use. Does it help burn fat? I think this is highly doubtful, since no ab exercises really do. there just is not the level of intensity needed to burn excess fat.

However, the “yes” part of the answer means that this device combined with proper diet and exercise (think consistency here), you could benefit. This also may be true for people who have had back injuries or cannot perform ab exercises on their own.