MI40x – The Ultimate Body Building Program

MI40x – The Ultimate Body Building Program

Jan 30
MI40x – The Ultimate Body Building Program

MI40x Is Ben Pakulski’s High End Home Workout

Ben Pakulski – the creator of MI40 and MI40x, is really big in the body building industry and is a well know fitness and health expert to boot. This is great news for people who are looking for something bigger than the other well known infomercial workouts like Focus T25 and the P90x series sold by Beach Body.

There is nothing wrong with those programs and they work well for someone who is looking to burn fat and improve their cardiovascular strength at the same time. These programs are also convenient because the require next to no equipment or space and are built on time efficient workouts of about 30 minutes.

Where Does MI40x Fall In Regard To Beach Body ProgramsBen Pakulski

While the Body Body programs are great, the leave nothing to desire for people who are looking to build lean muscle mass and strength. Sorry Body Beast lovers, even that muscle building workout series falls short of MI40x. Beginners will benefit most from MI40x, but experienced body builders and weight lifters can learn a lot from Ben Pakulski’s program too. The extensive workouts will have you packing on muscle and breaking plateaus.

Who Is This Program For?

MI40x is for anyone looking to make serious improvements in strength and body composition. A fair word of warning though: MI40x is not for the feint of heart or time pressed gym goer. This program is serious and intense. The workouts can last an hour or more in most cases. You could technically shorten the workouts by taking less rest between sets, but due to the heavy lifting involved, its not recommended. You will need the longer rest periods of up to 2  minutes or more before each set. Its the safest way and ensures you have enough strength to perform the exercises efficiently and with proper form to prevent injury.

What Do You Need To Complete The Workouts?

You will be best served with a full weight set with a bench and at least a half rack for squats and dead lifts. You could get away with a set of adjustable dumbells, but to be honest you would be cheating yourself out of strength and muscle gains that MI40x workouts deliver. Check out the most comprehensive MI40x review here.